Sam Rehan in 300 words : Wellness Trainer | Stress Management Speaker | Ultimate Wellbeing Practitioner 

In 2015, my job was made redundant which left me, a single mother with two children (one with extra medical needs), without an income. I have always had an interest in keeping myself healthy and my redundancy helped me to decide to share my ultimate wellbeing methods with people from  all walks of life and use my 20+ years’ experience as a corporate  trainer. 

I began with laughter as a wellbeing tool and started laughter yoga classes (Laugh with Ease) for EVERYONE, including those with disabilities. Clients commented on my health and my positivity. My happy, positive outlook came from focusing on what I had rather than what I didn’t have.

I expanded my work to share the stress-reducing techniques that kept me balanced, gave me extra energy and had great healthy-ageing results. Clients have found that less stress means they have a better connection with themselves, others and healthier communication. The most satisfying thing for me is that I gain more and more clients who are healthier, happier and have more energy day-to-day.    

My background is in science, health and training. Previously, I trained professionals in nearly 30 countries for global clients and I have 30 years’ experience in the corporate world. Additionally, since 2008, I have been a holistic practitioner. I am passionate about facilitating groups and leading people to a place of less stress, greater wellbeing and deeper connection.

My company,, uses evidence-based training to reduce stress, foster team building and energise employees. I am a Professional Member of the International Stress Management Association. I am a high energy individual who brings experience and enthusiasm to my training delivery. I aim to bring out the best in everyone, whatever their role or background. I work globally, with corporates, communities and charities.

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