Happiness depends a lot on which side of the brain we use.

85% of the time, we function using our left brain. We make sense of things, interpret information, communicate and absorb new facts from all around us. The left side of our brain has its limits and signals that we need to let go and switch to using our right brain.

The right hemisphere is in charge of our imagination, sleep (dreams), memory, intuition and all of our creative functions. We absorb information with the left side and create with our right side.  Think of the brain like a battery – the right side charges it and the left side uses the energy and empties it. Our aim is to keep keep our mental battery charged.

Sleep is a very good way to turn the left hemisphere off, which is why meditation works so well to help us relax. Overloading the left brain can lead to a warning sign such as anxiety (increased heartbeat and cold sweat). When we are under pressure, the body releases Adrenaline and Cortisol, making it harder for us to fall asleep or relax. When facing a stressful situation, these hormones block our thinking.

Use of the right brain more, turns off the warning signs. Things that make us happy and laugh can do this straight way and workplace training with these elements boost employees health. The use of the right brain releases endorphins, making us feel good. Endorphins are “feel good” chemicals that trigger fun, enjoyment, happiness and relaxation. These chemicals help us boost our immune system and handle pain better.

Happy people are healthier

Here is a link to TED video where Jill Bolte Taylor, a scientst, speaker and stroke survivor impressively explains the way the two sides of the brain work.


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