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Happier Employees

Inspired employees with increased motivation, more visibility and more confidence. Happier employees create greater success. More team connection with cohesion to create and innovate. Generation of better ideas for workplace success.

Healthy Communication

Workplaces with more authentic engagement and a move away from conflict and tension. Work relationships transformed with increased skills to discuss difficult subjects.

Stress Management

Effective stress reducing techniques for workplace wellness. Desk based solutions for a more productive day with less overwhelm. Naturally energised employees with resilience to take on new challenges.

How we Increase Productivity at you Workplace

At Wellbeing@work, we recognise that happier employees are healthier and more creative. We craft courses and events so everyone can access more happiness and manage their stress more easily and quickly, even at their desk.   

Happier employees are more productive

Our trainers work with creative courage to inspire all our trainees. Group work is celebrated and our wellbeing training deepens connections in an authentic way. Our wellness training aims to create a memorable fun positive experience for all. We work flexibly and each training session is bespoke.

We deliver our Wellbeing Solutions with … Experience, Energy and Enthusiasm

Meet our Passionate Team

We Deliver Wellness Training with Experience, Energy and Enthusiasm. We Facilitate with Care, Clarity and Passion
Sam Rehan

Sam Rehan

Global Trainer | Speaker | Certified Holistic Practitioner

With over 25 years corporate experience, Sam has worked with a diverse number of people and teams; executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals. Sam had taught thousands of clients in over 45 locations worldwide. She is based in the UK but globally active.

Sharon Cresswell

Sharon Cresswell

Associate Trainer | Certified Holistic Practioner

Sharon has been a holistic practitioner for over 10 years. As well as working on a one to one basis with clients she has run many different groups and well being days. She has always had a passion for all things health related.

Happy Clients

At Wellbeing@work we work with creative courage to inspire all employees

I enjoyed being free to express myself. I feel very relaxed


It was great fun. A great release of endorphins. Highly recommended


Really uplifting experience, a great mix of exercises for improving feeling of wellbeing. Highly recommend Sam

Language& Behaviour Consultant

It was fun, very different and relaxing too


The laughter was infectious and I could feel the effects on my body, mind and mood

Training Manager

Liked Sam’s interaction with the group and of course the laughter, absolutely brilliant


Recent Research

The evidence-base for wellbeing at work is growing all the time. Here is some of the latest research and findings from around the globe:
Happy Employees

Laughter is good for Business

The workplace benefits from laughter. According to research from institutions such as  MIT and London Business School, laughter brings with it a host of business benefits. Laughter relieves stress and boredom and wellbeing and increases Read more…

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